Professional Management

We continually invest in key human resources to ensure we keep up with the growing demands of an expanding book of business. We have built a management team with significant experience in the mortgage administration and mortgage accounting disciplines to support daily administrative and compliance matters.

We have acquired and fully integrated a mortgage management software package that enables us to manage the expanding mortgage portfolio.

Senior management has significant experience from previous downturns and possesses the skill sets required to manage a real estate portfolio through challenging times. We actively manage the portfolio identifying potential issues and acting proactively to protect our investments if necessary.

Preservation of Capital has remained the cornerstone of our management philosophy and we will not compromise capital preservation for returns.

The lending and construction/development experience of senior management and how we employ these skills in our management of all aspects of the portfolio management sets us apart from other private lenders:

  • For every new loan advance senior management uses a select group of 3rd party conservative appraisers to ensure the quality of the underlying asset meets with our underwriting criteria and a clear exit strategy is identified
  • Efficient closings, we can conservatively turn funding around within a 48-72hour window
  • For the non-construction portion of the portfolio, we regularly visit sites to maintain a current pulse on the security values and local market conditions