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Toronto Housing Market – Spring Report

breakfromtoronto1It’s been a long, cold wait but spring has finally arrived in Toronto. The weather is beginning to warm, the Maple Leafs and Raptors are both in the playoffs, and it’s a good time to reflect on how lucky we are to live and work in...

The Golden Horseshoe Provides Golden Opportunities

Lakehouse-Town-Streetscape-Final-v3-700x320Toronto gets a lot of the real estate attention in Canada with Vancouver a close second. While both markets have rewarded owners and investors, it’s the region known as the Golden Horseshoe that has sneakily offered stability and a high potential for return. Much of what’s driving...

How is Liquidity Maintained in your Investment Portfolio?

Investment options on a signpost Original Filename: 86060322.jpg Liquidity in any investment portfolio is key to increase your chances of receiving a healthy return and to combat the volatility that exists in most markets.

What is Liquidity?

The concept is simple. Liquidity refers to the degree to which an...