Mortgage Company of Canada, Inc., Says Surging Real Estate Prices in Toronto Point to Ongoing Investment Opportunities

Mortgage Company of Canada, Inc., a privately owned company offering investors a diversified portfolio of high-yielding GTA real estate mortgages, says record October home resale figures suggest the dramatic appreciation in Toronto home values points to real estate as a stable investment class.

According to the Toronto Real Estate Board, home sales in the Greater Toronto Area increased 3.4% year-over-year in October to 8,804 from 8,512 a year earlier. And climbed 7.7% from 8,174 in September. This marks a record for October home sales. (Source: “GTA Realtors Release Monthly Resale Housing Figures,” press release, November 5, 2015;

“Sales prices in the Greater Toronto Area have also been robust. The MLS Home Price Index was up 10.3% year-over-year in October while the average sale price of a home, that includes low-rise houses and condos, rose 7.3% to $630,876,” says Raj Babber, Founder, President and CEO of Mortgage Company of Canada. “Increased sales and price appreciation are being driven by an unusually low number of listings, continued low interest rates, and massive demand.”

Babber explains that Toronto’s real estate boom shows no signs of slowing down. This means real estate in the GTA will continue to be an excellent investment opportunity in 2016 and beyond. Unfortunately, buying property is not feasible for most Canadian investors. One way Canadians can take advantage of record Toronto real estate valuations is to invest in high-yielding Canadian residential real estate mortgages with limited exposure in more speculative markets.
A Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) provides lending services mainly to residential and commercial borrowers. Investing in a company that manages a diversified pool of mortgages allows Canadians to diversify their retirement portfolio with high-yielding investments.

“Mortgage Company of Canada MIC specializes in lending to underserved sectors of the mortgage market, historically those underrepresented by traditional institutional lenders,” Babber concludes. “With real estate in the GTA expected to remain strong, secure investments in real estate mortgages will continue to be an excellent investment strategy. That said, as an alternative investing strategy, Mortgage Company of Canada MIC has generated positive returns regardless of what the broader markets are doing.”

Mortgage Company of Canada, Inc. is a privately-owned company with more than 75 years of key industry experience, offering investors the opportunity to invest in an alternative investment class of a diversified, secure portfolio, and professionally managed, high-yielding Canadian real estate mortgages. The unique combination of experience with real estate development, residential and commercial construction, property management, residential underwriting, mortgage administration, and investment banking differentiates Mortgage Company of Canada and its Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) from other private lenders. To learn more about Mortgage Company of Canada, call Investor Relations at 905-886-5352 or 1-866-318-7222; or e-mail