Subscription Agreement & Dividend Preference

Investors must complete a Subscription Agreement for each share purchase and a current Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information must be on file for every investor.  Investors who are relying on the accredited investor exemption must also complete the Accredited Investor Certificate.

To keep the MIC’s administrative costs down, we ask that all investors also consent to the Electronic Delivery of Documents by signing Schedule  “B”.

Finally, investors have the option of having cash distributions directly deposited to their bank account each month or enrolling in our Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP).

We are not able to process a subscription request unless all documentation is completed in full.

Please contact Greg Goutis, Chief Financial Officer, if this is your first subscription for MCOCI shares or if you have any questions concerning the required documentation.

Greg Goutis CMA, Chief Financial Officer
MCC Asset Management Inc. (FSCO license# 11887)

15 Wertheim Court, Suite 611
Toronto, ON  L4B 3H7

905-886-5352 ext 226