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MICs Provide Mortgage Financing When Big Banks Won’t

Canada’s real estate market is one of the strongest in the world, but Canada’s mortgage growth has fallen to its lowest level in nearly 20-years. Why? Stricter lending rules, higher interest rates, and areas with high real estate prices, like …


New Stress Test Rules Freezing Out First-Time Homebuyers

Stricter lending rules, higher home prices, and rising interest rates are shutting out younger, first-time homebuyers. New mortgage rules have made it increasingly difficult for prospective first-time homebuyers to be able to afford a house.

According to a new report, …


Mortgages to New Owners Drops Across Canada

The housing market remains hot in places like the Greater Toronto Area. While this is great news for those who own homes, it is making it difficult for those looking to get onto the property ladder. In fact, higher housing …


Historic Homes or Buildings in the GTA

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has an illustrious history that is often overlooked by residents. Over the last century, this region has gone from city to mega-city, steadily evolving since being known as Muddy York. Part of the GTA’s history are homes and buildings that have stood the...

Mortgage Company of Canada supports Special Olympics of Ontario

12Mortgage Company of Canada Supports Special Olympics of Ontario. Toronto Police welcomes all to Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics 1pm Jun14/2018 40 College St. We're honoured to receive donations from BMO, RBC Capital Markets, CIBC, Forman Manufacturing Inc & Mortgage Company of Canada totalling +$40,000...

The GTA is a Great Choice for Young Couples

12The GTA is one of Canada’s most thriving and populous communities. With over 6 million residents, it attracts people of all ages and from all walks of life. Historically, young couples have flocked to the area; finding attractive amenities, a large inventory of properties and space...

Toronto Housing Market – Spring Report

breakfromtoronto1It’s been a long, cold wait but spring has finally arrived in Toronto. The weather is beginning to warm, the Maple Leafs and Raptors are both in the playoffs, and it’s a good time to reflect on how lucky we are to live and work in...

Finding the Right Mortgage Investment

mic-imgPeople wanting to invest in the GTA housing market have a few different options to consider. One option is to approach a traditional mortgage lender and apply for a mortgage which will go towards buying a property. Another option is with a mortgage investment corporation (MIC),...

2018 Housing Market Forecast

960x0Will 2018 be a volatile year for the GTA housing market? Or will buyers, sellers and investors experience flat prices and the positive impact of recent Government intervention, a hot rental market and the rate increase by the Bank of Canada?


Amid any potential volatility, prices could...

Overlooked Factors Impacting the GTA Housing Market

real-estate.jpg.size-custom-crop.1086x0At any one time, the GTA real estate market can be impacted by several factors. While something as broad as the economy will have a direct impact, there are other factors driving or impeding a market that tends to receive less attention. To understand what can cause...

Newcomers are Driving the Economy

1107679_stock-photo-large-group-of-happy-children-different-ages-and-races-crowdWith the recent events in North America and abroad, Canada has opened its doors to a wave of immigrants seeking a safer home and opportunity. As newcomers settle in cities like Toronto and Vancouver, they are having a prominent effect on the economy, which in turn,...

Gauging the GTA’s Real Estate Supply

real-estate-housing-canadian-press-cropped-8colIn real estate, supply drives demand and dictates market health. For years, the GTA has benefitted from an ample supply of desirable real estate inventory. Recent events, though, including the interest rate increase and new regulations passed down by the Federal Government have led to a...

The Influence of Best Practices on an Investment Strategy

rsz_shutterstock_130356110Choosing an investment partner is a big deal, one that can dictate your financial health. As you review firms and advisers, it’s important to understand what they stand for and how they intend to manage your portfolio. There are a lot of opportunities for investments to sour....

Why is Real Estate as an Investment Class Often Overlooked?

11It’s no surprise that, along with the best chance at returns, investors want as little risk as possible. The common investment strategy is to hand the keys to a trained professional, hoping that through shrewd maneuvering and market knowledge, their hard-earned money can grow. Still, too many...

The Golden Horseshoe Provides Golden Opportunities

Lakehouse-Town-Streetscape-Final-v3-700x320Toronto gets a lot of the real estate attention in Canada with Vancouver a close second. While both markets have rewarded owners and investors, it’s the region known as the Golden Horseshoe that has sneakily offered stability and a high potential for return. Much of what’s driving...

How is Liquidity Maintained in your Investment Portfolio?

Investment options on a signpost Original Filename: 86060322.jpg Liquidity in any investment portfolio is key to increase your chances of receiving a healthy return and to combat the volatility that exists in most markets.

What is Liquidity?

The concept is simple. Liquidity refers to the degree to which an...

Understanding Loan-to-Value Ratio

income and debt balance sign; Shutterstock ID 213001525; PO: Tanya Williams; Job: Mortgage Learning Center You’ve probably heard the term loan-to-value ratio (LTV) from a mortgage specialist or maybe even a bank employee. It’s a risk assessment tool and the idea behind it is simple: it measures...