The Strength of the GTA Housing Market is a great Opportunity for Investors

117039_1For years, the pundits along with many in relevant industries have called for a crash of varying degrees in the GTA housing market. Despite some red flags along that way, the market continues to be strong and provide both a return and opportunity for investors and homeowners.

Toronto is Catching up to other Major Cities like Paris and Chicago

What sometimes feels like a bubble getting bigger and inching closer to bursting, can actually be a market adjusting itself. Toronto is one of North America’s largest and most resourceful and productive cities as well as the greatest job creator in Canada. This is a housing market that has been driven by the economy and population growth as opposed to lower interest rates or no down payment purchasing.

What the GTA has been recently experiencing is similar to what most major cities have gone through on their journey to economic prosperity.

Is the Speculation about an Upcoming Nosedive Overblown?

Banks by nature are risk-averse and most economists will tell you that nothing ascends forever. While this is usually true, the GTA is experiencing a certain type of perfect storm, where a confluence of factors is leading to a prosperous housing market.

With all levels of Government investing in infrastructure and Toronto’s strong economy, the housing market could be the product of a city reaching its potential more than anything else.

The Strength of the Housing Market makes for a strong Investment Opportunity

Those who invest in the housing market via either mortgages or property should continue to see their investment rewarded. While the market might experience some dips in the short term, it’s fair to say that it will continue to be one of the safer places that one can invest their money. It can experience far less volatility than other markets and investments.

The Mortgage Company of Canada Inc. specializes in lending to specific sectors of the mortgage market, historically those under serviced by private and institutional lenders in terms of loan type, amount, and geographic location.

Throughout periods of uncertainty, Mortgage Company of Canada has maintained its focus on a number of critical underwriting criteria that have managed the portfolio’s overall risk. As an alternative investing strategy, this has allowed us to generate positive returns no matter what the broader market is doing.

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