The Influence of Best Practices on an Investment Strategy

rsz_shutterstock_130356110Choosing an investment partner is a big deal, one that can dictate your financial health. As you review firms and advisers, it’s important to understand what they stand for and how they intend to manage your portfolio.

There are a lot of opportunities for investments to sour. You want a partner that clearly and openly states their professional procedures (known as best practices) and takes a measured, thoughtful approach to their clients and portfolios.

Ultimately, you want an investment partner whose best practices influence their investment strategy.

Who is the Mortgage Company of Canada?

The Mortgage Company of Canada is a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC). We pool funds to create a larger amount of capital that is then invested in Canadian mortgage loans.

Our Best Practices and Investment Strategy

As a MIC, we adhere to a strict set of practices that put their clients’ interests front and centre. Best practices help us navigate decisions and enforce procedures and practices.

A sampling of our best practices:

  • Our investments are typically on a 12-month term
  • Our portfolios are comprised of first and second mortgages
  • We avoid speculative markets

To learn more, please review our investment strategy.

Best Practices Help Investors Reach their Goals

The goal is to pay a steady monthly dividend to shareholders. To achieve this, diversification, a niche market focus and risk mitigation are also part of our best practices and are key components of our strategy.

Commitment Matters

Without commitment, best practices usually fail to persist. Their influence on an investment strategy can impact a business and, subsequently, its investors. Investing in mortgages is complicated and requires an experienced partner who is working with you to make sure your money is cared for and that you can reach your financial goals.

Please contact us to learn more about our best practices, approach, and strategy.

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