Historic Homes or Buildings in the GTA

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has an illustrious history that is often overlooked by residents. Over the last century, this region has gone from city to mega-city, steadily evolving since being known as Muddy York.

Part of the GTA’s history are homes and buildings that have stood the test of time. They are places where people lived, communed, governed and dreamed of a metropolis that would have a global reputation.

Here are some of the GTA’s historic buildings and homes. 

The Historic Wallace House 

Built in 1837, The Wallace House is a historic house in Woodbridge that was built by Nathaniel and Anne Belinda Wallace. The Wallace family, who made their name in politics, is central to the history of Woodbridge as generations of the family had called it home. It reflects the culture of the area and has been flawlessly preserved.

The home is open to visitors and hosts different types of events and drop-in activities.

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Black Creek Pioneer Village 

Black Creek Pioneer Village is history come to life. A glimpse into rural Canada before electricity, visitors can immerse themselves in the day-to-day activity of an early Canadian community.

The most impressive part of Pioneer Village isn’t the dedicated actors or charming activities. It is the buildings, many of which were erected over 150 years ago. These structures include an apple storage cellar, a mill and a schoolhouse.

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Casa Loma

No list would be complete with the majestic gothic castle that’s tucked away on a winding street in midtown Toronto. Casa Loma was constructed by E.J. Lennox around the time of World War I for Canadian financier, Sir Henry Pellatt.

Post-construction it was the largest private residence in Canada and is still one of its most recognizable landmarks. The property features an elegant restaurant, gorgeous gardens and is the perfect venue for a wedding or to enjoy the symphony.

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The GTA is full of historic homes and buildings that have been well preserved and converted into tourist attractions. They are great places to visit this summer whether you want to stroll through a garden, enjoy a lavish meal or simply learn more about how early Ontario communities lived.

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